Eric Foreman found guilty of killing of Neil Godleski

Neil Godleski was killed in 2010. (Photo courtesy Facebook)

A man on trial for murdering a Catholic University graduate student in the Sherman Circle area in 2010 was found guilty Monday afternoon.

Eric Foreman was 16 when he shot and killed Neil Godleski in 2010. Monday, he was convicted of first degree murder while armed.

Godleski, 31, was shot and killed in Sherman Circle shortly after midnight on Aug. 22, 2010. A resident of the Petworth neighborhood, Godleski was biking home from his job as a server at Phillips Flagship Restaurant when he was murdered.

Police said he was shot while on his bike, but the shooter shot him two more times after he was on the ground.

Godleski was killed in front of Keith Jarrell's home. Jarrell has since become friends with the former Catholic University student's family. He says Neil was within months of graduating with a biology degree.

"The sad part here is Neil came to Washington, D.C. to get an education at his mother's alma mater, and Neil never lived to get that education," Jarrell adds.

Monday, those who came to support Foreman had nothing to say after he was found guilty.

Godleski's manager, Adriana Murillo, says Godleski was as good an employee as you could ever ask for and was working hard to put himself through school.

"Everybody cried, and we're still doing it," Murillo says.

His picture hangs on the wall at the restaurant.

Murillo adds, "We keep him here all the time. It's hard."

Godleski's death brought change to Sherman Circle. Just two weeks ago, officials cut the ribbon on new street lights for crime prevention. Long time resident Stanley Bliss says the neighborhood is much safer now than when the murder happened.

"It's better now than the 20 years I've lived here,' Bliss says.

Foreman was convicted on eight total counts. The Two most serious being first degree felony murder while armed and first degree premeditated murder while armed

Sentencing is scheduled for Nov. 16 at 3 p.m.

While Foreman was found not guilty of robbery while armed, he was also found guilty of attempted robbery while armed.

Per a family friend, Godleski's parents live in Connecticut. They left before today's verdict, saying they couldn't take it anymore.