Equinox billboard causing stir in Bethesda

This billboard is causing a stir in Bethesda.

You'd be hard pressed to figure out what exactly a billboard in Bethesda is advertising.

The billboard, with the caption “dexterity” is a gym ad.

It’s posted on the side of The Equinox, in the heart of town. And while it’s gotten the intended reaction from some, its garnered a lot of negative reaction as well. Some call it sexist and inappropriate.

The area is popular with families, and young children.

It’s not the first time Equinox has courted controversy with its ads. But its critics say now they've just had enough.

This particular advertising campaign includes plenty of other salacious pictures on billboards nationwide.

“It’s not an image that I'd like my son or daughter to see,” says Merredy Brown, a Bethesda resident.

Dozens of people have signed an online petition asking for the billboard to come down. Equinox isn't commenting about the controversy.