Engagement ring diamond found in Woodbridge

WOODBRIDGE, Va. (WJLA) -- Michelle Cadogan says she was in a panic after she went back-to-school shopping last week with her 16-year-old daughter. She had stopped in a Staples store in Woodbridge to pick up some supplies, then continued on to Potomac Mills mall.

When she arrived at home, she realized a crucial part of her $5,000 engagement ring was missing. Frantic, Cadogan began calling all of the stores she had visited to see if anyone had found a tiny, pearl-shaped diamond.

Finally, she got Chris from Staples on the line – he had luckily found the diamond on the floor of the store’s bathroom.

A grateful Cadogan rushed to the store to get the ring, and on Wednesday, she picked it up from her jeweler, who had made sure to reset it in the ring.

Cadogan says she is not exactly sure how she’s going to do it, but she plans on making sure she never loses the stone again – even if she has to staple it to her finger.