Emylee Lonczak dies: Illegal drugs may have played a role, police say

Emylee Lonczak, 16, was found dead in Vienna the week before school started. Photo: ABC7

Fairfax County Police officials say that illegal drugs may have played a part in the death of a 16-year-old McLean High School student.

Less than a week after Emylee Lonczak's body was found in a Vienna neighborhood, authorities are saying that the possible use of narcotics will play a role in the continuing investigation of her death.

Lonczak, who would have been a junior at McLean high this year, was originally thought to have been a runaway. Officials now say, though, that she was in the company of people she knew during her disappearance.

No cause of death has yet been established.

Students and staff at McLean reacted with shock and overwhelming grief just before the school year resumed earlier this week, with many saying that Lonczak was well liked and performed well in her classes.

"Everyone is just completely devastated -- even people that really didn't know her are feeling the effects of it," McLean junior Heather Pincus said.