Emily Jackson loses over 100 pounds with New Year's resolution

You’ve heard the saying, “New Year, New You,” but many of us will struggle to make those 2013 resolutions stick. Only 8 percent of us will likely achieve resolutions. Research shows the majority fail by January 20th.

One in three people who promised to hit the gym stop within the first three months, but one Montgomery woman is living up to her promise.

Emily Jackson is just like the rest of us who see the new year as a fresh start and a chance at self-improvement. Two years ago, the Potomac mom walked into a nearby gym and signed up. It was a decision that gave her a new lease on life.

Jackson is beating the odds.

“I have a before picture and I have an after picture and the after picture is now my before picture,” she says.

She lost 107 pounds in two years. Her transformation began with a New Year’s resolution.

The now 50-year-old was diabetic and suffered from heart disease and high blood pressure. The morbidly obsess woman she saw in the mirror wasn’t who she wanted her daughter to become.

“I was a former athlete and I felt really guilty and I wanted to just get back, just be able to walk up and down the steps,” she says.

She took the first step toward weight loss by hitting the gym.

“I’ve made a very small goal monthly just to get here,” she says.

Jackson got motivation first from group fitness classes and then a personal trainer. She also set the bar low, challenging herself to swim one lap, then two and so forth.

“Now I’m swimming 64, which is a mile,” she says.

She’s still pushing forward, proving small goals can lead to big success.

“Our family is riddled with diseases and I think that it’s my job and my calling to battle and to fight against and prevent disease and through health and fitness, that’s where I’m heading,” she says.

Jackson says getting fit is a work in progress and she still has more work to do. She wants to share her story with the public every three months as motivation to keep at it and to inspire others to do the same.