UDC's future discussed at emergency meeting

An emergency meeting is planned Thursday night regarding the future of the University of the District of Columbia.

The meeting follows a round of job cuts at the school that has a history of financial troubles.

UDC student Grace Perilli said, " Professors were in the beginning, during the beginning of the course were like, 'We don't know if we're going to continue to have these class, because we don't know if they're going to cut me or the class entirely."

Students worry about their future in the turmoil. The Board of Trustees recently fired the university's president Alan Sessoms. And so far, they've cut 81 faculty and staff positions, a reduction of about 10 percent.

"I overheard one of the secretaries saying that she's very paranoid coming in every single day, worried about her job with all the cuts," added student Tyler Harris.

About half of UDC's 5,000 students are in community college facilities away from the main campus. They're worried about whether programs or the college itself will survive.

"They might not have the program or maybe they will," said student{ }Evan Cohen. "Meanwhile, I'm in the middle of the program, so I would say it would make me a little anxious."

Those concerned include UDC alum and D.C. Councilman Kenyan McDuffie.

"I think the community is a vital part of what the university's doing right now, and we need to make sure it's shored up...," McDuffie said.

But the biggest problem is the uncertainty.