Embattled D.C. Councilman Harry Thomas Jr. to resign, reports say

Harry Thomas (center) is alleged to have used nearly $300,000 of city funds for personal matters

There are reports that embattled D.C. Councilman Harry Thomas Jr. will resign.

Thomas will likely leave office as part of a plea deal, stemming from accusations that the Ward 5 councilman diverted more than $300,000 in city funds for personal use.

Insiders say a resignation could come as soon as Friday, but his own attorney is denying that. It’s still unclear when he will leave office.

The reports are coming from those who claim to be close to the negotiations. Thomas would not confirm or deny the reports.

The latest information is that the embattled councilman might be striking a plea agreement with federal prosecutors and in return for his resignation, he would only serve a few years in prison.

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Although Thomas never admitted guilt, the city’s attorney general says Thomas used the money to pay for golf trips and a luxury car among other things.

As part of the deal, prosecutors say{ }Thomas was supposed to begin paying the city back, but the Washington Post reports the councilman missed a deadline to deliver the first $50,000 installment Tuesday night.

Thomas’s lawyer told the Post, “We are working on the terms of that agreement.”

FBI and IRS agents raided his house last month.

Thomas is also facing other financial troubles. Court papers made public Tuesday reveal he also agreed to repay the federal government more than $17,000 from two student loan debts.

It was also reported that Thomas would be in court Thursday hashing out his plea agreement, leading to a resignation, but his attorney denied those reports as well.