Emails show Kwame Brown had Chevy SUV before the Navigators

Mark Segraves, of ABC7 and WTOP, questions Kwame Brown.

In the SUV scandal involving D.C. Council Chairman Kwame Brown, newly found emails show that Brown not only had the two Lincoln Navigators we already knew about, but now we learn he also rejected a third SUV, which was returned, damaged.

The controversy blew up after reports the two navigators cost taxpayers more that $2,000 per month—each.

Today Brown continued to insist he never demanded a Navigator

"First of all, I never asked for a Navigator comparable to the mayor’s," Brown said.

But emails just obtained by Washington City paper columnist Alan Suderman tell a different story.

“Chairman Brown wants a Navigator comparably equipped as the mayor’s,” the email reads

"It's an email saying he said that he said she said that I said something," Brown said.

When asked if he said he wanted an SUV comparable to the mayor’s, Brown said, “Let me be very clear what I asked for. I said ‘I want a black-on-black SUV.’ They said, ‘What do you mean black on black?’ ‘I said, ‘Look at the mayor’s car. It's black on black.’ That's the only thing i asked for.”

Brown insists he would have taken any SUV that was black. But he rejected the original car offered -- the one we've just found out about -- a far less expensive Chevy Tahoe because it didn't have D.C. license plates.

"I refused to ride around in a car with Maryland tags on it," Brown said.

But emails indicate otherwise

The chairman didn't have a problem concerning the tags, wrote a DPW employee.

As for the original car offered, the Tahoe, Brown returned it scraped up with more than $200 worth of damage.