Elwood Martin pleads guilty to robbery, beatings

Elwood Martin pleaded guilty Thursday.

In a photo taken shortly after she was brutally attacked, a woman’s face is beaten so badly her eyes, lips and cheeks are swollen. Near her mouth, there are cuts and bruises.

She’s just one of several female victims targeted by 29-year-old Elwood Martin.

“I want a dangerous person off the street,” the victim says. “I want justice not just for me, but for all the women this happened to.”

Martin pleaded guilty Thursday to multiple robberies and beatings. Martin was already on probation and will likely serve 14 years in prison.

Prosecutor Steve Chaikin calls it a win for the county.

“We always talk about truth in sentencing. What's truth in sentencing? He's going to do every bit of ten years, plus another four years before he gets out,” Chaikin says.

From January until April, Martin targeted women to rob - all while wearing a tracking ankle bracelet issued by the Maryland Department of Public Safety and Correctional Services.

“It's an additional measure to ensure the safety of our community,” says Ramon Korionoff, a spokesman for the Montgomery County State’s Attorney’s Office. “Unfortunately he was able to committed crimes, but we were able to track him large measure due to that anklet bracelet.”

Martin is currently being held without bond and is scheduled to be sentenced in September. Attempts to interview Martin’s parole officer were not successful.

Though the GPS tracker helped find him, it didn't stop Martin from attacking one woman and snatching the purse she carried to court Thursday. Blood stains on the concrete are evidence of the brutality.

“It's so random, you know,” the victim says. “It’s not like I’m in some weird place, doing something weird. I was at my mailbox.”

She was attacked just steps from her front door in Germantown - an area the victim still calls safe.

“I feel like we're really lucky to live in this county. I feel like people do the best job that they can,” she says. “If I can be honest with you, I'm hugely relieved.”

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