Ellsworth Colbert reportedly banned from Wilson Building after outbursts

Ellsworth Colbert, the man who stands charged with stabbing his neighbor to death on March 4 during an argument over dog droppings, apparently had other run-ins that saw him banned from D.C. City Hall.

As first reported by WTOP, Colbert was banned from the John A. Wilson Building in downtown Washington for a year after a series of confrontations and outbursts, including one incident in which he allegedly threatened a staffer.

The March 4 stabbing of 37-year-old Robert Wright in his Southeast D.C. Neighborhood, allegedly after Wright's dog went to the bathroom in a neighbor's yard, shocked some who know the alleged assailant. However, for security guards at City Hall, Colbert's purported violent tactics are well-known.

A court order banning Colbert from the Wilson building details a run-in with a staffer during which he allegedly shouted, "Don't make me go Southeast on you."

Colbert, though, isn't the only one that security at the Wilson building has been keeping an eye on. There is a watch list, essentially, of several people guards are informed to keep an eye out for.

In fact, ABC7 News has learned that the offices of D.C. Council members were recently fitted with panic buttons.

"We have had those who provoke a fear in others that they might act badly," Ward 3 Councilmember Mary Cheh said.

One of those people, Michael Sindram, says he automatically had a security detail with him for months whenever he entered the building.

"Many things I say...council folks don't like, especially during an election season," Sindram said. "They are on pins and needles, so they say 'let's get rid of this rabble rouser.'"

Sindram says he has never threatened anyone, nor does he believe in the watch list or barring anyone from entering City Hall.