Ellsworth Colbert on trial for killing Robert Wright

Colbert Ellsworth is on trial for allegedly killing Robert Wright.

All parties agree on these fact: On the morning of March 4, 37-year-old Robert Wright took his friend’s dog for a walk.

What happened as he approached Ellsworth Colbert's home, however, is a central question.

Colbert is accused of stabbing Wright to death after an argument over dog droppings. After the slaying, Colbert admitted to the slaying, saying, "I'm the one you're looking for... I did it. Here I am," authorities stated previously.

The stabbing occurred in the 3600 block of Highland Drive SE.

Prosecutors say Colbert ran up to Wright armed with a knife and walking stick.

He accused Wright of allowing the dog to relieve itself in his yard and the two men argued. Prosecutors say Colbert used a knife to slice Wright's neck.

Wright then grabbed a shovel and swung it at Colbert. Prosecutors say this prompted the 57-year-old to lunge at Wright, pounding him over the head with the walking stick and stabbing him repeatedly with the knife.

The defense, however, called Wright the aggressor. They say Colbert swung and stabbed in self-defense. They showed a photo of Colbert with a large cut on his head.

Colbert was at one time a campaign volunteer for D.C. Council candidate Kevin Chavous.