Ellsworth Colbert admits to killing, police say

Colbert pleaded not guilty to second-degree murder ten days ago. (Family photo)

An activist who is accused of stabbing a neighbor to death after an argument over dog droppings admitted that he killed his neighbor, a detective testified Thursday.

During the preliminary hearing Thursday morning, MPD Detective Kenniss Weeks testified that the dog in question, Macho, did not, as Yvette Alexander says defendant Ellsworth Colbert alleged, defecate on his lawn. It did not do any more than walk on his lawn.

She said the victim, Robert Wright, suffered lacerations to left side of his neck and to the right side of his chest which perforated his aorta. He also suffered stab wounds to his right abdomen and back and defensive wounds on his hands.

After the slaying, Colbert admitted to the slaying, saying, "I'm the one you're looking for... I did it. Here I am."

The stabbing occurred on March 4 in the 3600 block of Highland Drive SE. Police say that just before Colbert and Wright got into an argument, Wright was seen walking his dog in the neighborhood. The two then allegedly argued about where the dog had relieved itself.

Police then say Colbert tackled Wright, who was stabbed during the altercation.

It was revealed several days later, initially in a report from WTOP, that Colbert had been banned from D.C. City Hall for more than a year over several alleged outbursts and incidents in the building, including the threatening of a staffer.

Colbert was at one time a campaign volunteer for D.C. Council candidate Kevin Chavous.