Ellicott City train derailment leads to fence being put up

National Transportation officials continue their investigation and work crews continued their tedious task of cleaning up and repairing the track at the scene of last month’s huge train derailment that killed two college students sitting on the train bridge in Ellicott City.

Now a fence has been put up to keep people off the bridge and away from the tracks.

19-year-olds Rose Mayr and Elizabeth Nass tweeted pictures from the bridge minutes before the train derailed and coal spilled from one of the cars buried them.

The train has run right through the middle of historic Ellicott City for almost two centuries and people have always walked near the track. But now there's a call for Howard County officials to make this temporary fence permanent.

“It's a great place for kids to go and congregate and you don't want to make it easy for them,” says Sally Tennant.

In the meantime, life along Main Street slowly is returning to normal.

The community wants to keep the memories of what happened here alive even as businesses struggle to recover after having to shut down for a time because of the clean-up from the accident.

“It really hurt business but without the concern of the community it could have really been worse,” says Donna Delaney.