Elia Miranski, Holocaust survivor, fatally struck by bus

SILVER SPRING, Md. (WJLA) - A Holocaust survivor was tragically killed Wednesday after he was struck by a Howard County school bus in Silver Spring.

Elia Miranski, 91, was struck as he made his way across Route 29 using a walker.

“That’s so sad it has to be him, but that road right there, that intersection is really, really dangerous,” says Addisu Shallemo, Miranski's neighbor.

Miranski lost his family to the Nazis when they stormed Minsk in 1939. He escaped from a fortified castle and spent years struggling to survive.

“He was very courageous and he took advantage of the situation and was able to jump out a window of the castle,” says Gail Schwartz, a volunteer at the Holocaust Museum.

Recently, Miranski recounted his struggles and eventual success to Gail Schwartz of the Holocaust Museum.

“After all that he had live through and here in Maryland the bus comes along and it’s terribly tragic.”

Miranski eventually made his way to the United States and lived in a first floor apartment just a short distance from where he died.

As Miranski made his way across the southbound lanes, the school bus with more than a dozen students on board struck him in the crosswalk.

Pedestrians have a mere 20 seconds to cross the wide and furiously busy intersection.

“It takes him a while,” says Shallemo. “He is old and he uses a walker.”