Elevator problems at the Washington Monument

Minor problems are causing major headaches for the National Park Service. The elevator inside the Washington Monument went off line several times in the past two weeks, including a couple times where visitors were at the top of the monument.

Jim Snider runs Bladensburg based Quality Elevator Company, which is responsible for keeping the National monument's elevator working.

"Unfortunately you need run time on an elevator at times," he says, "With a mechanical piece of equipment, once the thing starts to run, [problems] can show themselves."

ABC7 I-Team has found that there have been problems with the elevator dating back to atleast a year. The National Park Service says the issue is centered around the computerized elevator controller not recongizing the doors are closed, which causes the elevator to stop.

Snider has brought in experts from California and Baltimore to make slight adjustments to the elevator, which he believes should fix the problem.

"I'd ride it with them. It's 100% safe, there is no issue here," he says.

One of the other big complications is that most structures have more than one elevator. That way if one goes off line you still have a way down. The monument just has one, and it sat largely idle during 2 plus years of earthquake repairs.

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