Elephant Walk DC: Barnum & Bailey circus elephants to walk DC streets

WASHINGTON - Police in Washington say circus elephants will close roads in the district.

Police say the streets will be closed beginning at 7:30 p.m. Tuesday and re-open at 10 p.m. The elephants from the Barnum & Bailey circus will walk from Capitol Hill to the Verizon Center.

Police say the elephant walk begins on South Capitol Street, turns onto Washington Avenue, then Independence Avenue to 3rd Street and finally onto G Street and the loading dock at the Verizon Center.{ }

D.C. Police urged drivers and pedestrians to use caution when traveling along the Walk routes.

The route is as follows:
North on South Capitol Street to Washington Avenue, SE
Northwest on Washington Avenue to Independence Avenue, SE
West on Independence Avenue to 3rd Street, SE
North on 3rd Street to G Street, NW
West on G Street, NW to the loading dock at the Verizon Center where they will disband.