Elderly woman rescued from burning home in Northeast D.C. after suffering a stroke

“You’re thinking in the back of your head, ‘I don’t know if I’m coming out,” said MPD Officer JP Mcardle.

Mcardle and Officer William Rapp were done for the day, when they got one last call.

Fatou Traore’s Northeast Washington home was full of smoke, so the officers broke a window to get inside.

“We could see thick smoke. It just covered all the windows and everything and you could smell it,” said Officer Mcardle.

“We would have been in trouble another couple of minutes,” added Officer Rapp.

Traore was passed out on the kitchen floor.

“Within two seconds, we both carried her out as fast as possible,” said Officer Mcardle.

Traore was rushed to the hospital. Now the 77-year-old is recovering at Washington Hospital Center. Her daughter-in-law, Laurenda Ndiaye, told us Traore had suffered a stroke while she was cooking.

“[Traore] said she tried to get up to open the window to let out the smoke, but she couldn’t move,” said Ndiaye.

The family thanks a neighbor who called 911, the firefighters for putting the fire out, and Officers Mcardle and Rapp for risking their lives to save another.

“We knew there were some serious consequences going in there, but you’ve got a person’s life in there,” said Mcardle.

“I’m just glad she is okay,” added Rapp.

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