Madela Anez de Walsh dies after Ballston pedestrian crash

The incident happened just outside the Ballston parking garage, a heavily-trafficked pedestrian area. (Photo: ABC 7)

The 76-year-old Arlington woman who was struck by a cab while she walked in Ballston on Wednesday morning has died, Arlington Police officials say.

Arlington County Police spokesman Dustin Sternbeck says that Madela Anez de Walsh passed away at about noon Thursday from head injuries she sustained in the crash.

The accident happened near Ballston Common Mall around 9:30 a.m. in an area that local residents say is notorious for crashes and near misses. Officials say de Walsh was trying to cross North Carlin Springs Road at Glebe Road when she was hit.

She was transported to a Fairfax County hospital with head injuries after the incident, where she later died. The cab driver stayed at the scene after the crash, and police officials say charges are pending.

Those who live in the neighborhood say the signs to yield to pedestrians are pretty much ignored. The victim's home, a senior community at the Carlin Apartments, is just a block away from where she was hit.

"I seen her coming and going on the elevator," community resident Helga Henson said.

Workers at a nearby Exxon gas station say they often witness accidents at the intersection, located just outside the Ballston parking garage, every month.

According to Arlington County police, it's too early to know who was at fault, but the taxi driver was making a right onto Glebe when he struck the woman.

Arlington resident Edward Hammer has lived on the block for more than 20 years and was upset about the driver's behavior. He says that his sister-in-law was once hit by a car in the neighborhood.

"Very nasty, some of these people," Hammer said. "She was crossing the street, and a man just run over her foot."