Elderly McLean couple burglarized

A McLean neighborhood is on edge after a violent home invasion. Two people broke into a home near Pathfinder Lane and Meadowbrook Avenue Wednesday morning, leaving one of the homeowners beaten and bruised.

The couple's daughter showed ABC7 the shattered glass where the female burglar broke in. She then unlocked the back door for her accomplice, who ran into the elderly woman who lives in the house. The couple, in their 70s, was at home.

“They were demanding money... Then went up stairs and demanded money from him,” said Lucy Caldwell, spokeswoman of the Fairfax County police.

The elderly woman was beaten while the man was restrained in his bed as the burglars searched the house for money. Police have little identifying information since the burglars covered their faces. The man was about six feet tall and the woman petite.

One neighbor said seeing the police presence after the robbery was shocking in this usually safe neighborhood. Just off Chain Bridge, the house on Pathfinder Lane is among multi million dollar homes in the area.

“This is not normal,” said neighbor Danyah Alwazir. “It’s very unusual for something like this to happen.”

Police say the elderly couple did not know the burglars, who stole cash and credit cards.

“It’s not surprising in economic times we live in,” said neighbor Jim Faris. “When people are desperate they will do desperate things.