Elderly couple robbed at busy shopping complex

An elderly couple was violently attacked outside a local Best Buy store. It appears looks the thieves were after their new iPad.

“It happened so fast. They were little kids, 15, 16, 17 years old,” said Samuel Sesay. Sesay is one of the security guards at the Tenleytown shopping complex on Wisconsin Avenue. He says he saw the three suspects around 4:30 p.m. Monday walking into the Best Buy.

He walked through the building on his patrol and says two of them went into the store. Police say the suspects watched an elderly couple buy an iPad at the Best Buy and then they followed the couple to their car in the underground garage.

Witnesses say while one suspect threw the woman to the ground, the other pushed her husband into their car and wrestled the iPad from him, dislocating his thumb.

“That is absolutely horrible. I wouldn't expect anything like that to happen and I shop here all the time,” said Tijuana Phillips.

The two suspects ran upstairs and escaped to the Metro just outside the shopping complex, according to witnesses.

The victims were shaken but not seriously hurt. Customers of the busy shopping complex and people who live and work nearby are concerned.

“Of course I'm angry by it, and the fact you see so much more youth crime in the city now than in the pas. It's disturbing,” said Erran Persley.