Elderly beaten at Annapolis apartment building

Two elderly men were attacked during an attempted robbery in the hallway of their apartment building, the Timothy House on Washington Street in Annapolis.

In an incident on Friday night, the suspects used a man's cane to beat their 96-year-old victim, Neil Godden.

Godden uses his walking cane to get around.

"He said something about ‘give me the money’" Godden recalls the attack.

Marks on the wall remain where the senior citizen was pushed as he tried to fight off his assailant.

Police say the robber ran off empty-handed. A week before, Godden's blind neighbor, 75-year-old Mathew Hillary, was attacked twice in the same hallway by a group of men.

The victims and their neighbors blame the management company for the lack of building security. They wonder how the attackers were able to enter the building.

Aretha Pindell, who works for the management office for the Severn Companies, counters that tenants sometimes leave the door open, allowing outsiders to intrude.