Eileen Powell, 11, to represent Virginia in 2012 Doodle for Google contest

Eileen Powell will represent Virginia in New York City with this entry in the 2012 Doodle for Google contest.

If you could travel back in time, where would you go?

Google asked students throughout the country that question, as part of a national competition.

They had to respond with a doodle, using Google's logo. And today we learned that one of the finalists is from right here in our area.

Today 11-year-old Eileen Powell of Alexandria learned that she will represent all of Virginia as a state finalist, in the 2012 Doodle for Google contest.

Powell said if she could go back in time she would go the 1970s because she says we could learn a lot from what people prioritized back then.

"A lot of times today people aren't really focusing on peace or the environment, and so I thought it would be interesting to go back and compare then to now," Powell says.

"This G we decided to cover it green because people were really trying to become better with the environment, and then, I did the disco ball," she says showing her design.

Powell plays three sports and recently won an Alexandria poetry contest. She will travel to New York with the other state finalists.

If she wins, Google will feature her doodle on its homepage for an entire day.

She'll also get a $30,000 college scholarship. And her school, George Mason Elementary, will get $50,000. She hopes to help her school expand its computer lab.

"When I started talking to my friends, I started hyperventilating and they would be like, 'Slow down! I can't hear what you're saying!'"

Google says 114,000 students entered the contest and the company hopes it will encourage creativity in young people.

"We always love to celebrate art and creativity and encourage the young leaders of tomorrow to think big," says Andrew Schulte, Google spokesperson.

And Powell says it certainly worked for her.

"It definitely made you think, it wasn't just something you can go out and do," Powell says.

You can vote for Eileen here.

The winner will be announced May 17th in New York City.