Edward Snowden facing espionage charges

On Friday, federal prosecutors asked Hong Kong to help find and detain former NSA analyst, Edward Snowden. The feds filed a sealed complaint, but ABC 7 has learned that the charges include espionage and theft.

"He took an oath to protect all that information. And so there was a need for him to maintain that oath," says Dean Sinclair of Arlington, VA.

After Snowden disclosed top secret information allegedly documenting how the NSA is monitoring both American citizens and tapping into China’s mainframe computer, the China Herald hailed him as a hero.

The 29-year-old American is believed to be on the run in Hong Kong and still leaking classified information – most recently to The Guardian newspaper about a British spy agency monitoring phone calls and internet traffic.

The clock starts tonight, as the feds now have 60 days to file an indictment against Snowden. It’s why prosecutors here want authorities in Hong Kong to hurry in finding and arresting Snowden.

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