Edras Naun Ordonez Reyes arrested in Manassas home invasion, police chase

A man is in custody after breaking into a home while fleeing police in Manassas.

Police say Edras Naun Ordonez Reyes is charged with breaking and entering, eluding police, driving without a license, and operating a vehicle with defective equipment.

On July 17, officers attempted to stop a vehicle with an improper exhaust, but the driver, identified as Reyes, refused to pull over. A chase ensued. Soon after, Ordonez Reyes abandoned the vehicle and fled on foot. As officers searched for the suspect, a neighbor told them that a person, later identified as Ordonez Reyes, had just broken into her home through a basement door and offered her money to not call police.

Police retrieved several fake identifications from Ordonez Reyes. He is being held at a detention center. He also faces three charges of possession of false documents. His court date is scheduled for September 27.

Police say Ordonez Reyes may be deported immediately after his court hearing.