Edmond St. Clair stabbed to death on UMES campus

Police are searching for three suspects in the stabbing death of a University of Maryland Eastern Shore student from Severn.

Edmond St. Clair, 21, was pronounced dead at Peninsula Regional Medical Center in Salisbury around 9:30 p.m. Saturday. The student had stab wounds to his upper torso, police say.

Police say St. Clair, a junior, was stabbed while sitting with his brother and another man in a car that belonged to St. Clair’s girlfriend. While they were driving through the Somerset campus, police say they encountered a small group of people walking in the street. A fight broke out and St. Clair was stabbed.

St. Clair’s brother, who was visiting for the weekend, ran to a campus police officer’s car and reported that his brother had been stabbed. St. Clair was found lying on the road next to the car.

In a release, university president Juliette Bell says her thoughts and prayers are with St. Clair's family.

Police say the attack was not random and appeared to have grown out of an argument or ongoing dispute.

The suspects are only described as black men in their late teens or early twenties.

Saturday was the culmination of the university's annual homecoming week.