Edgewater Elementary plagued by mold

The Edgewater Elementary School has a mold problem, according to tests done by an outside contractor. Parents and teachers have been complaining the damp moldy building is making them sick.

“We’ve been to a pulmonologist…[We] can't get to the bottom of it,” said Holly Bice, a mother of a student at the school.

Dee Gioris says her mother has asthma—and the school’s condition is not helping.

The parents want the school renovated or replaced, but Anne Arundel County School Officials say they don't have the money.

“The report shows it's time—no more bandaids? No. No more bandaids,” said Joanne Clarke, a mother of a student.

According to the contractor’s report, the 60-year-old building has problems with steam leaks, broken roof drain pipes and an outdated heating, ventilation and air conditioning system.