Ed Bosak charged after high school football game fight

The post-game handshake allegedly turned into a fist fight after a game between two local high school teams.

The Hylton High's Bull Dogs won the Oct. 28th game over the Potomac Panthers that was strewn with personal fouls and penalties.

The fight led to charges against Ed Bosak, a volunteer assistant coach and father of a Potomac player. He’s charged with assault and battery for allegedly striking and shoving a 16-year-old Hylton player. He also faces disorderly conduct charges.

Bosak declined to comment to ABC7.

“I didn't see who started it or how, who was swinging exactly,” said Bryan Womack, a Potomac High football player.

“You don't know what happened,” said Bosak’s neighbor. “Let the facts speak for themselves, which will all come out in the future.”

Some students who attended the game say it looked like Bosak was defending himself.
“I heard that he was getting beat by a lot of the other team's players but I didn't hear about him swinging back at anybody,” said one.

Some parents are disturbed by the charges against the assistant coach.

“I thought the coach was being attacked, I did know he attacked someone,” said parent Colleen Womack. “That is very, very upsetting and disturbing and that needs to be handled immediately.”