Eco City Farms helps children learn about healthy eating

Margaret Morgan-Hubbard helps children learn about fresh food. (Photo: WJLA)

Inside an old overseas shipping container turned into an outdoor kitchen, students from Bladensburg High School are learning how to slow down with fast food.

They're learning to grow their own healthy food, even in small urban patches of earth.

They take what they've grown and learn how to cook healthy meals.

"It makes me feel very good, like I can change how I am eating in order to make sure that I'm staying healthy,” says Fiance Yates.

The program is run by non-profit Eco City Farms, which has transformed some urban land right in the middle of Hyattsville into farm land.

"The obesity and overweight rate in Prince George's County is over 70 percent and there's huge amount of diabetes, child and adult,” says Margaret Morgan-Hubbard, founder of Eco City Farms. “And so we really want people to think differently about their bodies and their lives and their health."