Eckington burglaries cause police, neighbors to increase patrols

A string of burglaries has struck the Eckington neighborhood over the past six weeks. (Photo: Flickr/tedeytan)

A rash of burglaries totaling nearly two dozen in the past month is keeping the Eckington neighborhood of Northeast D.C. on edge.

Police are on the hunt for whoever has broken into a number of homes in an area just east of North Capitol Street and south of Rhode Island Avenue. According to police reports, the burglaries as early as mid-April, and they've been striking with regularity over the past month.

"Sometimes they're coming through an open window, but sometimes it's more brazen," Advisory Neighborhood Commissioner Tim Clark said. "It seems like they have somewhere to go after the burglaries to stash the stuff."

Using police reports, Clark compiled a list of nearly 20 burglaries in the neighborhood over the past six weeks.

Neighbors suspect the bold burglars either live in the area or know it well, and they're taking every precaution to keep their neighborhood safe.

"We make sure to double-lock everything at leas tfor now," Eckington resident Meredith Sheperd said. "Somebody is picking on this block."

Police are also stepping up patrols in the area, but the thieves are hitting fast and frequently, and may still be stalking the neighborhood.