Easter Seals health director helps men, women in program and families

Pauline Woods-Fiscus. (Photo: WJLA)

She takes care of them like they're family.

At Easter Seals' adult day services center in Silver Spring, registered nurse and health director Pauline Woods-Fiscus not only cares for the men and women in the program, but also their family members who often feel overwhelmed.

Pauline does more than hand out medications and monitor blood pressure. She loves to help the participants at mealtime and she encourages them during group activities.

And Pauline is always ready with advice for their loved ones who call her at night and on weekends.

"To know that, I might get a phone call from somebody to say I need help, or this is what happened last night with my mom and what do you think I should do,” she says. “And I'm able to steer them in the right direction."

Pauline says she wouldn't trade her job for anything in the world.

"You know you can have a family member come in and tell you that what you've done has impacted them and enabled them to be a better caregiver, a better son, a better brother,” she says. “Words really can't describe the satisfaction, the pride in knowing that you had a part in that."

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