Early Week Severe Weather Threat in D.C.

Enhanced Risk Severe Storms

After a warm and humid weekend, some relief is expected by Tuesday! However, the comfortable feel will come at a price. An approaching cold front that will lower the humidity, will increase our chance for severe storms on Monday. As the cooler and warmer air masses collide, severe thunderstorms will likely develop.

The D.C. area is under an enhanced risk for severe weather. The main threat for potentially severe thunderstorms looks to be between 2 PM-7 PM. This could impact the afternoon rush. The main impacts will likely be damaging winds, heavy rain and flash flooding. With high humidity through the weekend, there is a lot of moisture in the atmosphere. As the storms move through there will likely be neighborhoods that see heavy amounts of rain in a short amount of time. This could lead to flash flooding issues.

This rain will surely help out the current deficit for the month of June. Reagan National is currently under a 1.79 deficit since June 1st. Although we need the rain, small creeks and streams are likely to be impacted by Monday’s rain. Be careful when driving and avoid traveling through water covered roads. Remember the term “turn around don’t drown.” Also be sure to download the StormWatch7 app so you can track the showers and storms in real time. Expect updates to the forecast through the weekend.

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