Dunn Loring Merrifield Metro parking nightmare because of construction

If you know the Dunn Loring Merrifield Metro station, you know how frustrating the parking situation can be.

Compounding that frustration, many drivers say, is what's happening at the big construction site next to the Metro stop. What will be residential, retail, and yes, more parking.

They say construction workers with big trucks and vans are parking in spaces meant for commuters, something the sign says should not happen.

Mill Creek Residential Trust, and put in calls to the project manager and media representative did not return calls for comment.

This story came to ABC7’s attention after another aggravated driver posted a youtube video showing, and criticizing, construction workers parking in the commuter lot, and making the case officers should be busting them, not people jaywalking trying to get to the Metro.

Callie Hardman and Jenna Martin of Fairfax on their way to ride Metro into D.C. to see the cherry blossoms were shown the video.

"We just walked a little over half a mile to get here because the parking spots are full with what looks like construction worker vans,” says Hardman. “So it's aggravating"

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