Duncan Seguin, Bethesda teen, honored for saving a life, and his school

Duncan Seguin, center, honored for heroism.

Just moments before he received honors for being a hometown hero, a Bethesda teen helped save his school.{ }

When a fire broke out in Churchill High School's auditorium, Duncan Seguin grabbed a fire extinguisher to delay the flames from spreading.

Firefighters descended on Churchill High while frightened students waited for word about their school and other people.

First responders got some help. Seguin and his buddy grabbed a fire extinguisher and went to work ahead of firefighters. An electrical problem ignited the curtain in the auditorium.

Seguin fears if he hadn't doused it, the damage would have been much worse.

"It could have caught other things on fire," he says. "And the auditorium itself is flammable and we have a bunch of fabric seats, so it could have ended really badly at the time.

Then Seguin received an award for another heroic act just moments after helping put out the fire at his high school.

Seguin saved a man's life in September by performing CPR. The man had collapsed and his heart stopped. Doctors say Seguin kept him alive.

And ... Seguin had never taken CPR training.

"My dad had given me some impromptu baby steps on how to do it and I was awake in health class," he says.

Seguin says he is always willing to help. In fact, he says he had to help someone who was in a car accident just last week.