Dunbar High marching band impersonator scams residents

Beware of who is at your front door, especially when they’re asking for donations. Someone is posing as a Dunbar High School band member asking for money for their next band trip.

The Dunbar High marching band is working hard to rebuild and establish itself as a premier school band in the city and around the country, so there was great disappointment when they discovered the news of the impersonator.

“He looked a little older than he should have been to be in a high school marching band,” says Ian Brosnan.

Brosnan was a resident who got that knock at the door, but the school and police warned it was a scam. Brosnan didn’t give the impersonator money, but he says he sees why people might.

“It just seemed like a good cause the way it was presented. It was a very nice delivery,” he says.

Just this past week a resident said the scam artist knocked on doors on Yuma Street near American University, well across town from the school. The resident said the suspect was wearing a Dunbar jacket and had student ID.

“This is a great tragedy is what it is,” says Eddie Anderson, the band director.

“We are traveling across the country, but we do not go door-to-door. We do not ask for cash,” he says.

It is not clear how many times the impersonator has walked away with cash, but the school warns he’s been at it for months and actual band members were upset.

"They make us look bad," says James Batts, "like we're a bad school. That person, whoever he or she is, they have no morals or principles."