Christopher and Douglas Tolliver wanted in Tasheka Leavell murder

The shooting happened in a trailer park in Dumfries. Photo: ABC7

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Two brothers have been identified as suspects in the Thursday murder of a woman in her Dumfries trailer, and Prince William County Police officials are considering the pair armed and dangerous.

The search is on for Christopher and Douglas Tolliver, both of Dumfries, in connection with the shooting death of 35-year-old Tasheka Lashon Leavell. Leavell was shot and killed inside her Dumfries trailer home just before 3:30 a.m. Thursday in the 17600 block of Washington Street.

A person who was inside the home at the time told police that the victim answered a knock at the door, after which an argument took place.

During the argument, Prince William County Police officials say shots rang out, after which the person who contacted police found Leavell shot several times in her upper body. The suspects then fled, officials say, while the victim was pronounced dead at the scene.

"I was shocked," neighbor Roly Melgar said of Leavell's murder. "I was devastated and shocked."

Later Thursday, authorities identified both Christopher, 27, and Douglas, 29, as suspects in the shooting. Police say that the Tollivers knew Leavell and believe they killed her following a previous encounter. Police also believe a third suspect also may be involved; that person has not yet been identified.

Both of the Tolliver brothers have a past of drug and gun charges, while Christopher lived just a few doors down from the victim. Authorities believe that Christopher and Leavell had previous altercations which may have led to this one.

A warrant has been placed for the arrest of both suspects. Christopher is described as a black, 5-foot-7 man with black hair and brown eyes. He may be driving a red Chevrolet Cruze with Maryland plates. Douglas is described as a black, 5-foot-6 man with black hair and brown eyes as well. Both are wanted for first-degree murder.

Leavell had worked at the both a Waffle House and an IHOP restaurant in Dumfries in the past, and friends described her as someone who was quiet and friendly.

"(She was) all high spirited, in a good mood (and) bubbly," neighbor Karen Terry said.

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