Dulles toll road rates increasing

Construction is moving forward quickly on Metro's new extension to Dulles airport and beyond into Loudoun county.

But somebody is going to have to pay for the multi-billion dollar project and it looks like the bill will fall on large part to motorists like Amy Cronk who uses the Dulles toll road.

β€œI would hope that there would be enough riders on Metro to pay for construction,” says Cronk.

But that's not what's going to happen. The project will be paid through funds collected on the Dulles toll road and rates will be going up.

Right now, it costs $2.25 to ride one way through one exit on the toll road. A new study commissioned by the airports authority shows in order to keep up with the cost of construction the tolls would have to climb to between $2.75 and $4.50 next year. And up to $6.75 by 2018.

β€œIt looks like they are just going to run all the business off the toll road,” says Patrick Fuss.