Dulles Toll Road: Fee increase possible

If you drive on the Dulles Toll Roads, you may soon have no choice but to spend an additional $3 on your commute.

Financial advisors told the Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority Board Wednesday that toll rates on the Dulles Toll Road may have to jump to $5.50 by 2015 and $10.75 by 2020, WTOP reports. Right now, the cost of a full trip on the toll road is $2.

Bryan Grote, Financial Advisor to MWAA, said “a regular series of toll rate increases” has “always been part of the plan.”

The tolls are helping to finance the massive Metrorail extension to Dulles Airport. As costs for the Metro project have risen, so have the projections for just how much tolls on the road would have to go up.

The board has agreed to study a new transportation plan over the next six months. A better estimate for toll increases is expected after that time.

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