Taft Sellers killed in Alexandria police-involved shooting

Relatives of the man shot and killed identified him as Taft Sellers.

Alexandria Police, responding to a domestic violence call, shot and killed a man Monday afternoon near North Quaker Lane and Duke Street.

The family identifies the man as 30-year-old Taft Sellers, a former marine sergeant who served overseas. According to the family, Sellers grew up around Alexandria and was a 2001 graduate of T.C. Williams High School.

"It's like I'm dreaming. I haven't woke up yet. I'm very numb," said Sellers's sister, Tanny Sellers.{ }

She says the last time she ever talked with her brother was Sunday after church.

"He said he was fine. I told him I loved him, he said he loved me and that's the last time I heard from my brother," Tanny recalled.

Police were called to the home of Taft's mother about a domestic situation.

Witnesses tell ABC7 that Sellers had a gun.

“It was indeed a domestic that was going on,” says Alexandria Police Chief Earl Cook. “Several things were happening some contention with the family. Officers were confronted by a gentleman and it ended up with a shooting.”

Police won't talk about the victim, or the specific circumstances that led to the 911 call. But a witness says she saw someone throwing items out of the home before police arrived.

One witness who was working nearby looked out the window when she heard a commotion.

“The guy was on the step and he had something in his hand, and I was like, ‘is he really going to go up against all those cops?’” the witness said. “And then I heard one shot and the next thing I know they all opened their guns.”

Those who knew Taft and his family say this is stunning news. He was described as a good man, well-known in his native Alexandria. After graduating from T.C. Williams High School, Taft joined the Marines, serving overseas in Japan and at embassies in Paris and Africa.

Family friend Sharon Addison said, "I know he was a good kid. He didn't cause any problems in Alexandria and when I heard it was just shocking."

The officers involved in the shooting are being placed on administrative leave.