Dream Bigger 4 Kids helps less fortunate

Dream Bigger 4 Kids' founders. (Photo: Mary Kay Mallonee)

LEESBURG, Va. (WJLA) - Christmas is still two months away, but the elves are already at work in Edward Hill's Virginia basement.

Edward and his two classmates, Nathan Huet and Neerha Dalvi from Leesburg's Tuscarora High School, formed their own charity two years ago called Dream Bigger 4 Kids.

"What we like to do is purchase toys and comfort items and clothes for homeless shelters, orphanages and hospitals,” Hill says. “We also purchase medical supplies, for example we bought some for an orphanage in Zimbabwe."

One batch of toys will go to a Reston homeless shelter and medical clinic in Leesburg for needy families.

“Seeing some kids coming in without shoes for example, no shoes, like a toddler, maybe three or four years old, that kills me inside,” Hill says.

The three young men, who just went on another shopping spree, say the money comes from donations, fundraising events and even corporate sponsors they've developed on their own.

"I'm helping an individual, my community and the world become just a better place,” says Neerha Dalvi.

Huet, now a freshman at the College of William and Mary, has started a chapter of Dream Bigger 4 Kids there.

"If I can impact one child, I can change someone's life and that's enough for me,” Huet says.

And their charity of three has grown to include 15 staff members and more than 40 volunteers. All are kids doing what they can to help other kids.

" We wanted them to dream bigger for themselves so they could reach their potential,” Hill says.