Dr. Robert Dickey appears in federal court

A doctor accused of possessing child pornography appeared before a federal judge for the first time Thursday.

Dr. Robert Dickey, a well-known Washington pediatrician, stood in the federal courtroom and heard the charges against him. The effects of the case reach hundreds of D.C. parents, like Erik Coleman, who was in court to face his 5-year-old son’s doctor for himself.

“My mind and her heart just dropped agains,” Coleman says. “It is just very disappointing. My heart just dropped when I saw him.”{ }

Early Wednesday morning FBI agents and D.C. police arrested the{ }73-year-old doctor at his home on 38th Street, where he operates his practice.

According to federal court documents, on April 10th Microsoft notified the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children that 14 child pornography images were uploaded to an e-mail address belonging to Dickey.

Police said the office with two exam rooms with dirty and unkempt. Dr. Dickey was scheduled to see about 20 patients Wednesday and say they found him{ }inside his personal office viewing a website with child pornography and child erotica on the desktop computer.{ }

Police say the pediatrician admitted to downloading and storing child porn. A federal judge ordered he will stay behind bars until his next court appearance.{ }

Neighbors and parents weren’t sure of what to do next.

“When she told me I screamed on the phone because I have daughters,” says one parent.

Dickey will appear in federal court again on May 23.