Dr. Nizar Hussain gets 12 months, judge suspends sentence

(Photo: Prince William County Police)

A Woodbridge doctor who is accused of sexually assaulting some of his patients pleaded no contest to charges of assault and battery Wednesday, but avoided jail time.

Police say that Dr. Nizar Hussain, a Ph.D. in internal medicine, allegedly touched five female patients at his office at Ridgeview Internal Medicine.

A Prince William County judge sentenced Hussain to a suspended sentence of 12 months in prison.

That means if he behaves appropriately and stays away from his victims, he will not serve any time in jail.

One of Hussain's victims, who was in the courtroom when the sentence was read, burst into tears after the judge announced the punishment. They say they are not happy with the justice system.

"He walks out of this courtroom today with no remorse, back to his home, back to his family, and the rest of us will be reliving this for the rest of our lives," a victim said.

The judge said that he believes the sentence is appropriate since Hussain lost his license to practice medicine.

The incidents happened between March and November of this year, police say.

On Sept. 14, a 36-year-old Fredericksburg woman told police Hussain touched her inappropriately. In a second incident, a 54-year-old Manassas woman told police that he had kissed her.

Some of Hussain's patients have come to his defense, including one woman who wrote a letter vouching for his character and questioning the motives of his accusers.

Hussain faced charges of assault, battery and sexual battery. He had 12 victims, according to the board of medicine.

One of the victims, who testified, said she now has trouble sleeping and often feels sick to her stomach. She said she trusted Hussain and he betrayed that trust by taking advantage of her.

"He's a predator and if there's anyone else out there that needed to come forward, they should," a victim said.

The victim said that while she suffers, he will walk out and put it all behind him. At least if he were in prison, he could be trapped like she is, she said.

The victims would not comment on whether they plan to file civil suits.

Hussain did not say a word throughout the hearing and his defense attorney said they had no comment.