Dr. Alex Yadao arrested for allegedly selling prescription drugs illegally

Alex Yadao

Prince William County police arrested a doctor who allegedly illegally sold Oxycontin, morphine and other painkillers to patients. Police said the doctor was putting about 8,000 Oxycodone pills on the street each week.

Last week, Dr. Alex Yadao was led out of his medical office in his white exam coat and handcuffs. Police served a search warrant on Yadao’s office, in the 18700 block of Old Triangle Road, and at a basement apartment under the office. Several prescription medications, records, two vehicles and an undisclosed amount cash were seized.

Yadao is an accredited physician, a general surgeon with local hospital affiliations and offices in Prince William and Fairfax counties.

Police said Yadao issued prescriptions for painkillers on a cash only basis.

"He would [allegedly] sell these prescription medications to people who did not have a valid reason to need them," said Prince William County Police Jonathan Perok. "It was done so without insurance claims; basically done all under the table."

Police charged Yadao with 18 counts of possession with intent to distribute a schedule II narcotic and 18 counts of prescription fraud.

Keith Edward Payne, 53, who lived in the basement underneath the office, was also charged in connection with Yadao’s arrest. Police charged with him with distributing narcotics.

Paul Mathew Phillips, 49, and Bonnie Kay Phillips, 43, were also charged with prescription drug fraud, among other charges.

Police said they were seeking painkillers when the office was raided.

See a police video of the arrest here.