Douglas Farley dies: Man who was set on fire in Southeast dies

Farley suffered severe burns over about half of his body in the attack. Photo: Facebook

Douglas Farley, the man who police say was set on fire by a man in Southeast Washington last Friday, died Wednesday as a result of his injuries, ABC7's Jennifer Donelan has learned.

Farley was severely burned over half of his body in the attack, which happened on the evening of June 28 near 21st and R streets Southeast.

The suspect, Shawn Lewis, was arrested and charged with assault with the intent to kill.

The fire attack on Farley was the apex of what police say was a continuing feud with Lewis that began several days earlier. According to court documents, Farley allegedly threw a beer into Lewis' face during an argument.

That prompted Lewis, 41, to tell a mutual acquaintance that he couldn't "keep turning the other cheek" and that "the kraken had been released;" the latter in reference to a fictional movie creature that was sent to destroy enemies.

Authorities say that Lewis then tracked down Farley on Friday, doused him in an unknown but flammable liquid, then set him on fire with a burning newspaper.

Farley suffered second and third-degree burns over half of his body.

Now a community is in shock after learning the aspiring actor, who made several TV and movie appearances, has died.

No one was hit harder than Farley's cousin, Robert Proctor, who was inside the apartment when Lewis allegedly set Farley on fire. Proctor said he tried to extinguish the flames.

I've known him for so long that I know for a fact this is not who he is," said Lewis' friend. "He's not a murderer."

In a videotaped police interview, Lewis told detectives he had been bullied.

While she said she grieves for both families, she claims something must have made Lewis snap.

“People look at bullying as oh, like a kid on the playground and somebody is taking their crayons or something like that, but adults, teenagers are bullied too,” Lewis' friend said.

It's not immediately known whether Lewis will face further charges now that Farley has died, but according to sources, detectives are working to charge him with murder.