Doomsday: Area restaurants offer deals

Many people are convinced the world will come to an end on Friday. It’s based on a Mayan prediction and while some people are taking the prediction seriously, others are taking advantage of the Doomsday deals.

The bartender at Rustico in Alexandria has seven “end of the world” draft beers. He's expecting a huge crowd.

“The Dead Guy Ale. If it comes true we will all be dead. Fit the theme of the end of the world party as well,” says Neil Eddy.

The chef has created a “bucket list” menu, specialties he insists everyone should try before they die.

Some predict human existence will come to a halt on 12/21/12 because that’s when the Mayan ancient calendar ends. Opinion polls suggest one in 10 Americans worries about surviving beyond this Friday.

“There have been a lot of weird things happening this year, but I think we’re going to be OK,” says Kit Tuttle of Alexandria.

End of the world parties are planned in hotels, clubs, and restaurants. DC101 is planning a party for 1,000 people.

At Oyamel, a Mexican restaurant, special Mayan dishes will complement real gold leaf drinks to ring in the world’s ending.

“You know what, it’s a great reason to celebrate Mexico and celebrate one of the greatest civilizations we’ve had on the planet,” says Michael Iglesias, the general manager.

So much talk has been generated by the end of the world prediction that NASA scientists put out an explanation on why they don’t believe the world will end on Friday.