Donnie McClurkin: Pastors upset singer pulled from MLK concert

At a convention of D.C. area Baptists Wednesday, church leaders expressed outraged that D.C. Mayor Vincent Gray yanked gospel singer Donnie McClurkin off the program of the city's Martin Luther King concert.

Some leaders asked Gray to apologize to McClurkin and the religious community he represents.

The Grammy winning singer's story is he became gay after being molested as a youth but found God and became an ex-gay. Also a preacher, McClurkin has denounced homosexuality in his sermons.

That's what's annoyed gay activists like Phil Pannell, who sent an email of protest to Gray and called the Blade, which called the mayor's office too.

Gray said he wanted to avoid a budding controversy.

"The best decision seemed to be not to have him perform given the concerns," Gray says.

Pannell says he never actually called for McClurkin to be removed, but he's not upset.

"He's still going to paid,” he says. “God may have deliver him from the curse of homosexuality, but the us mail is going to deliver that paycheck."