Donnell Norman surrenders to police on theft charges

Donnell Angelo Norman. Photo: Prince George's County Police

A man shown in a surveillance{ }video stealing more than $60,000-worth of items from a Nordstrom warehouse has surrendered,{ }authorities say.

Prince George’s County Police reported via Twitter that Donnell Norman of Waldorf turned himself in Thursday morning.

It was Nordstroms’ own security officers who noticed the missing items.

Police say the surveillance tape shows Donnell Norman of Waldorf stealing items from the warehouse as he unloaded delivery trucks.

"I've never seen anyone steal this much stuff without a bag," says Sgt. Aubrey Thompson of the Prince George’s County police.

So far police say they've been able to connect Norman to more than $60,000-worth of stolen items including designer watches worth $2,000 each, sunglasses and diamond earrings.

Police say one of the things that tipped them off that Norman was allegedly stealing was the day the surveillance video was shot and he's seen with that big overcoat, the temperature was 97 degrees.

While some Prince George’s County residents say they know times are tough, they say this type of crime hurts everyone

"When someone does that, that makes us as consumers have to pay more when we go to the store,” says Diane Harvey.