Dominique Frazier funeral service held Friday

Dominique Frazier's mother, Denise, seemed determined to keep a smile on face Friday. She led a procession of family and friends into the little catholic church to remember her only child.

Dominique, 18, was stabbed and mortally wounded in a fight last week in her dorm room at Bowie State University. Police arrested her roommate, Alexis Simpson, and charged her in connection with the slaying. Authorities said the fight started over the choice of music playing on an iPod.

for many, that was the difficult part - how senseless the incident seemed.

Girls who are roommates in college in dorms just don't kill each other, they said. Not girls like Dominique, who smile and laugh.

It didn't just rain during the funeral. Much of the time it poured. As many late arrivals bussed in from Bowie State had to stand outside. One of teachers of the accused was there:

"First of all, I was angry when I first heard about it,” said Marshina Baker, Bowie State faculty member. “But then I found it was my student. My emotions went from angry to sad."

A number expressed sadness for both families and a need to do something.

"Something's going on with our young people in terms of conflicts in terms of anger,” said Ward 7 Councilwoman Yvette Alexander. “We have to find better ways.”