Dominion facing challenges as clean-up continues

A stretch of Aberdeen Road in Arlington is a microcosm of the power problems facing dominion.

Large trees that crumbled cars brought down 12 power poles leaving residents in the dark for three days.

Residents try doing their part to speed up recovery but they want Virginia Dominion to do the heavy lifting.

Josh Little has the big task of coordinating four electrical crews trying to restore power to thousands

β€œI've got two circuits here, so once I get these two circuits here back hot, I'll give power to 900 to a thousand people,” explains Little, a Dominion supervisor.

Aberdeen Road is the biggest challenge for his workers.

Little's crews will have to install new power poles in some areas - by hand. Workers will spend two days in Aberdeen Road alone. And when done, only 60 residents will have the lights back on.

β€œIn our hundred year history, this is the most massive non hurricane event we've had its a huge massive storm,” says Ken Barker, VP of Virginia Dominion.

Monday night, about 200 power workers, most traveling from Quebec, Canada, arrived at Fort Myer to assist with restoration efforts.