DOJ urged to charge Zimmerman with civil rights violations

Outside the Justice Department, Reverend Anthony Evans, who heads up the National Black Church Initiative, urged the feds to charge George Zimmerman with civil rights violations in the killing of Trayvon Martin.

The rally comes on the heels of Zimmerman’s acquittal – for shooting and killing the unarmed Florida teenagers. Protestors say they believe Martin was racially profiled, and they don’t want the same thing to happen to someone else.

"I don't want my husband or my father to walk down the block and be shot because he didn't answer to a white man,” said Takima Davis of Bowie, MD

The Justice Department says it will review the case, but most legal experts say the agency faces an uphill battle.

According to attorney Scott Bolden: "Now they're going to look at all the evidence, perhaps find additional witnesses, and determine if they can prove beyond a reasonable doubt if Trayvon Martin's civil rights were violated."

Reverend Evans says that if the Justice Department won’t pursue the case, his organization has a "Plan B."

“Then we in a peaceful manner will go in prayer," he said. "Then after we come out of prayer, we will issue the word to boycott Florida... a total boycott for the next five years. No traveling there, no products from Florida, no orange juice from Florida, no Disney World -- we're going to shut it down."