Dog shot by mysterious gunman

A dog was shot twice by a mysterious gunman Monday.

The dog owner said she heard a blast and didn't realize someone had shot her dog until she heard the cries. The one-year-old dog Bunny is recovering from a shotgun blast.

“She was bleeding and it was dripping from underneath her,” said dog owner Betts.

Betts says her daughter took Bunny out shortly after midnight Thursday. She thinks when the dog ran behind a building in the 3000 block of Buena Vista Terrace in Southeast D.C., someone in the alley decided to use bunny as a target.

“Somebody that is sick, somebody that is out of their mind. Bunny is a very playful dog,” said family friend Priscilla Johnson.

Officers with the Humane Society are combing the neighborhood trying to track down the shooter. They say bunny is one lucky dog.

“Luckily the injuries barely scraped her and just kind of got her in the legs a little bit. She's going to be fine,” said Jeniffer Gardner. “It is just wrong to shoot any animal regardless of how or what you feel about the dog.”